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Anger Rage & Control Management

At the Houston Center for Training & Supervision, our approach to anger management focuses attention on the root of the anger, and the fear attached to those underlying issues. We use strategies to heal the root cause that most other anger management programs neglect. Robin Exum M.Ed., LPC-S, LCDC, NCC  is trained to help all his clients overcome all abusive behavior, beginning with anger & rage, control and blame and selfish demands, because that's where abuse usually begins. From there, Robin will teach a client to stop making disrespectful judgments, and then he or she is finally in a better position to get angry outbursts under control. The underlying theme of this approach to anger management is to make my client aware of the fact that he or she has been hurt, abused and disrespected in their own life. Clients are made aware they have no right trying to control anyone else, regardless of what that person is doing. From there we go on to create habits that take the place of demands, disrespect, anger and rage, so that my clients can get what he or she needs from their spouse without being controlling.

Remember, in marriage you can be your spouse's greatest source of pleasure, but you can also be your spouse's greatest source of pain, particularly if you use the controlling and abusive strategies of demands, disrespect and anger to try to get what you need in marriage. If you use them, you are almost sure to lose your spouse's love for you.

Sometimes Anger Management Seems Impossible

Disputes and conflict are unavoidable, especially when anger & rage impact the wellbeing of your entire family. You may feel empty and have to walk on egg-shells in order to approach issues that are important. When it comes to anger related to loss, divorce, infidelity, compulsive disorders, addiction and more, it’s normal for emotions to run high and for communication to dissolve or erupt. It’s even common for one or all parties to feel pressured to submit to a compromise they don’t really want. Thankfully, no matter how tangled and infuriating your dispute may be, Robin Exum can help you reach a satisfying resolution.

Solutions Are Possible With Couples Therapy

At the Houston Center for Training & Supervision, Robin Exum offers each partner the chance to enter a calm, confidential space where you can identify shared goals and creatively problem-solve. With the guidance of Robin's  calm anger management therapy, you and your partner can reach an agreement, but also restore a sense of peace and intimacy in your relationships. 

How Couples Therapy Works

At the Houston Center for Training & Supervision, Robin aims to help couples work through differences in a manner that honors the wellbeing of each individual as a whole. Robin will determine the extent and nature of the conflict, maintain confidentiality and serve as an impartial therapist. Throughout the entire process, you can expect to receive unbiased guidance that improves communication and promotes voluntary decision making. Each partner will be given an opportunity to express their understanding of the issues at hand, as well as state and explain their wants and needs.

What are the benefits of Couples Therapy ?

 By opting for couples Therapy, you can help your relationship avoid expensive, time-consuming and regretful arguments. Resolving disputes without aggressive jesters can reduce anger and bitterness and lead to long-term love and intimacy. In addition, Robin Exum will provide the confidential environment you and your partner need. Here, you will have a chance to express your concerns and interests, as well as your feelings about the conflict. In Therapy, you can feel heard and supported as you explore the reasons behind the conflict. You can also investigate what you and your partner need to work through, lingering hurts, and healthy communication, especially if you have children. You can also develop the skills necessary for healing, working through sensitive issues and building new, fulfilling relationships.

In fact, no matter what issue you’re facing, Robin Exum can help you effectively resolve the root cause.

We invite you to call the Houston Center for Training & Supervision at 713-907-8225 or schedule a consultation about our services, and our practice in Houston, TX.

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